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I normally have a mcdonalds but my mum decided to cook dinner which means I’ll most likely feel this way all day :( gonna have to drink more water though

I’m so hungover :( someone ends this torturous pain


Skysims 108

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She is beautiful Bby!

thank you! I was rather shocked she looked nice haha

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the only ones I’ve seen are on MTS

i found a set by brntwaffles, i thought there would be more but oh well, thank you :)

Does anyone know where I can find Heterochromia contacts?

nothing to cartoony though, I’d like something a little more realistic

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One of the sims I spent making today, I quite like her



Dark Circus set by Ersel

This set consists of:

- Pentagram Target by Ersel

- Cards Decor by Ersel

- 2 poses

Download HERE or HERE

For the 2d and 3d previews I used works of Pink Pony, which you can find on her tumblr

I <3 you darling


Diana and Vincent

i love looking through my blog and finding good pictures! Like —- did I make these sims?

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Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Thanks! Wish I knew who to talk about! I’ll do an old sim of mines - Gabriella!

  1. Originally a steampunk sim of mines, living in an alternative future where theres no electricity, on steam and coal.
  2. Born into a wealthy family. Her mother died in childbirth, resulting in a still born. Gabby is close to her father but still has her own secrets.
  3. Her alter ego (so to speak) is Gabby Hills. This is the name she uses when out without her father or escort. She met Isaac under this name, and all her friends call her Gabby.
  4. Is supposed to have an arranged marriage, but has a secret relationship with Isaac to the point she runs away with him to elope
  5. Her greatest fear is being pregnant, she doesn’t want to die leaving her child to grow up without a mother like she did, even though she’d love a family.

sorry I ran out of stuff to say about my newer sims :(

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