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Just found this site. WELCOME TO CLUTTER HEAVEN!

I know! I’ve had it sitting in my game for ages, wish I could remember who made it so I could properly credit them!

its sad how excited I am for my mum to get home

most awkward smiles ever 

and as per my games tradition, they had a fire on the first night. Every time I swear. Oh and Peyton hadn’t rendered by this point lol

I’ll need to take proper interior shots of the house, which is looking cute if I do say so myself

This is their new house! I didn’t make it of course, sadly I can’t seem to find who did. Either way this house is gorgeous 

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Decided to have a save for Chase and Peyton in Hidden Spring. Sadly my game is so laggy they might have to move to a smaller town

Is there any medical/doctor office cc floating about?

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