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Ahh thank you! Some are a little blurry but I can always go and do more, I think I didn’t sharpen them enough once I resized them but I’m so proud of myself, I can’t thank you enough for video link haha! So much easier than some of the tutorials

Im actually rather impressed with myself! Made a few nice pictures for Aspen and Kellen’s house. The only draw back is the blurry quality but for personal use, it doesn’t bother me much :) 

i EVERYTHING you post, you're amazing! <3


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the picture is extremely blurry, but I’m still rather happy that it worked :) 

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Futuristic accessories. Download at Sims Studio

Amazing! 100% love this, thanks! Julia - u r best  ^з^


oh most definitely. and i was so glad because all of the other ones DID make it seem so freaking complicated. if anything goes wrong feel free to ask!

I think I’ve got it!Just need to test it once I’ve finished :) 

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when 90’s kids grow up

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